I know people need love
Ch15cover, Longus, Trying Human
Finding beautiful new music always makes me want to update, but it sort of makes me ... speechless. Good music (like what I'm listening to anyway) always gives me this emotion like I can't possibly use words, like if there were any way to explain myself it would be through wordless singing or interpretive dance. Hahaha but you know I don't dance. ...Kind of wish I did, but that's beside the point, I suppose.

So I guess all I came here for was to say that I'm in love with IAMX today. Then again, I also was wildly into Bad Lip Reading this morning. Their newest song, Dirty Spaceman, is probably my new favorite. =D

The more I listen to "Spit it out" (one of two IAMX songs I'm listening to over and over tonight) the more I want to get back into HINABN. Well of course I still love Trying Human, but certainly HINABN has given me more emotion, of the year of its relationship with me, and most of my creative effort has gone toward it... I feel I still owe the story, the fandom, something more. Learning that Spit It Out was both Veser's song (vocal version) and Ples' song (strings version) is more than enough inspiration to want to do do another fanfic for them. And being the PlesVes dA group owner, shouldn't I?
...I do hope Miss Tessa is doing well. And to be honest, you know, if she quits writing HINABN, doesn't pull it back up eventually, I won't help myself but feel betrayed. Isn't that terrible?

Well it breaks my heart that we live this way~ I know people need love.

Anyway. This was pointless. But that's how it is with my LJ, a place to ramble when I don't want to annoy Facebook or dA. Maybe they should know? But if they don't care, then it doesn't matter. I guess it doesn't matter. I shouldn't care.

I have several drawings to do for other people, and some other non-drawing projects to work on for myself... but maybe after that, or more-than-likely /before/ I'll do something else... Hm, that was vague. ^^;

<3 to anyone who bothers to read me. Thanks.

Writer's Block: See you on the other side
Ch15cover, Longus, Trying Human
If you could find out what happens after you die, would you want to know?

Yes, I'd want to know. I don't support ignorance, especially of possibly-unpleasant things. I think it'd be best to know what lies ahead, like every human grows up knowing that they will get old and die. Knowing what comes after would just be the next step, and I don't see any reason for people to get upset about it.

Writer's Block: Say goodbye to Kansas, Dorothy
Ch15cover, Longus, Trying Human
If you woke up surrounded by doctors who told you that you'd been in a medical experiment since birth and that your entire life had been a dream, how do you think you'd react?

Lol I think I always half suspect that's going to happen one day. I'd probably react pretty calmly, although I'd sure as hell be mad.

Writer's Block: I'm looking at the ___ in the mirror
Ch15cover, Longus, Trying Human
If you could meet your true inner self, what would s/he look like, and what would s/he tell you?

Sometimes I think I see my true self in the mirror. (Or rather, I'm surprised when I don't. My true self tends to go back and forth between well-endowed female and plain androgyn, long hair and short hair. But if it were ever to say anything to me, it wouldn't be much different from the sorts of things I usually say to myself.

Writer's Block: Next stop: Hollywood
Ch15cover, Longus, Trying Human
Which book that you've read would make a great movie, and why? Who would you pick to play the main characters?

I was JUST talking about this, since I recently found out that Diana Wynne Jones passed away, but nearly any of her young-adult fantasy novels would be fantastic as movies.
I'm particularly leaning towards "Dark Lord of Derkholm", but "Hexwood" would be great too! As for who I'd cast as Derk, Blade, Mordion, Ann, or any of the other characters, well, I'm really not sure. I'd likely go with someone relatively unknown.

It's hot.
Ch15cover, Longus, Trying Human
Hey, LJ, how's it going?
What? I already know? Ok, so it's true, only a few people might read this, and most of you I speak to on a daily basis... so it's kind of a stupid question to ask. Eh.

So tomorrow is my 3rd anniversary with Jason. Nice, huh? Dunno what we'll do. I don't think we need to do anything special, I'm just happy still being together. Three years married, five years together. I dunno, just thinking about it makes me smile~! What a great partner I have. =D

Ahhh man, so you know I've been writing fanfic lately? Cobymeppo (Coby and Helmeppo, from One Piece), typically, and I have a few longish fics on-going. Well, "Living For" was the one I really intended to spend most of my time on, but man, somehow I started writing this other fic that's really kind of stupid in concept, and it's ended up being longer than that one already. ^^; I feel a little guilty, especially since I can't seem to convince myself to write the other one much anymore. It's a mood thing, I guess.

Spring has sprung here in GA and GEEZ is it hot! I tend to like the heat more than the cold, but this was so sudden... Just heat and pollen everywhere~!
On that note, sort of, I'm going to the Renaissance Festival next weekend and I'm quite excited. It's one of the best parts of every year. =D Last year was horrid though, because I wore the absolute most horrible shoes ever. The year before that was rainy, but that was fine with me. XD Makes it more realistic. I'm sure it'll be great as long as I wear my comfy boots and a comfy skirt. (My "usual" outfit.)

The newest One Piece opening aired just last night, and I like it the more and more I think about it. It's such a sweet song/video, even though it's not as adventurous as most of the old ones. Plus the techno-y opening rocks.

Did I mention it's HOT HOT HOT here? What's up with that? It's only early April!
Well, I was told we'd be leaving to go home soon sooooo I guess I'd better be ready for whenever that happens! I'll ramble more later. Bye!

Writer's Block: Teenage dream
Ch15cover, Longus, Trying Human
If you arrived at your front door and saw your first love standing there, what would you do or say?

Well, considering that my first real love is the one I married, it'd be something like, "What are you standing around outside for? Are the neighbors walking around naked again?" XP

Writer's Block: You've got the look
Ch15cover, Longus, Trying Human
How important is physical attraction in selecting a romantic partner?

The only thing that's important about their look is that you can't think they're hideous. I hold this for myself, my friends, strangers, and even fictional characters: If you start to fall for someone, you will find the things about them that are beautiful. <3

Writer's Block: The long and winding road
Ch15cover, Longus, Trying Human
Are there any difficult events in your past that made you a stronger person today? If you could go back and erase them, would you?

Well, basically the whole time between 12 and 16, particularly 13/14, when my parents passed away. Ahh, even thinking back on it now, it feels somewhat surreal. ...That was really so long ago, now that I think of it.
I don't know... I miss my mom, and that Freshman year I think I blocked most of, when I was trying to care for my dad... it was all a little difficult, but there was good in it as well, and certainly it helped make me who I am today.

I miss my mom to tears sometimes, but I wouldn't change a bit of it, and I like to hope she would respect that.

Some thoughts.
Ch15cover, Longus, Trying Human
You know, it turns out my mother is a really sweet lady. It wasn't that I ever had much of a doubt... With 'nature' and 'nurture', I knew she was half responsible for my personality.
...Whenever I think about her, talk to her, I feel sad for her. She missed me all those years, and I'm sure if she'd had the chance to raise me, things would have been fine.
But you know? I'm just SO IN LOVE with my life how it is, I can't regret that I didn't know her, can't regret the death of my mom (even though I miss her so much, I worship that sea-turtle globe), because every heart-wrenching detail made my life what it is, and if a single thing was different...
-----No, it couldn't be. You know? I'm so happy that sometimes is makes me want to cry~

Who do you think you are? Running 'round leaving scars. Collecting your jar of hearts. And tearing love apart.
-----I really like this song. It's so softly sad and beautiful, and what's best is it reminds me SO MUCH of that little short-story Crystal Heart, in the end of the first volume of Demon Diary. I wish so much that that was an anime, something, because I want this story and this song together. If I didn't have a million other ideas I'd never do, I'd do this.

A homeless man approached us when we were leaving work yesterday. Am I horrible, the fact that I instantly was nervous? 'Feared for my life' might be an overstatement, but I was scared. He just wanted to see if we could spare some money, but his arm was broken (I guess) and in a sling, and I was so nervous he was going to pull a gun out, and it was 4am, nobody else around.
I just thought... What if he shoots us? Why would he do that? But if he did... I can hardly imagine. It reminded me of a story idea I'd had a while back about a person who dies, but in their mind they are continuing to live... until they finally realize that they've died.
I dunno, it was sort of stressful on my brain. ^^;

Actual update:
Hey, my computer was down for a while, but now it's back, so it's writing time, yeah? =) That I should do.
If I'm not busy playing Pokemon like crazy.
Although I'm having fun playing Gigant Battle while I wait for Pokemon to get here. I finally figured out how to complete training, so I finally got Coby and Helmeppo as a support. They're my favorite. XD They're actually pretty good! And they do this cute/nerdy little "osu!" thing when they're done.


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